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South Park Mexican - Carlos Coy
Excellent rapper who is now doin' time. Hilarious rapper with great songs, such as "hubba hubba" and "soething I would do"
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com April 25, 2004

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the transportation and shipment of goods
Instead of saying I was a paperboy I said I was in media logistics for 5 years, so I got the job as C.E.O.
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com June 08, 2004

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slang in the medical industry for testicles
the doctor will see you now regarding your nippleless dick tits, sir
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com September 20, 2005

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sarcastic response when someone warns you not to do something that is considered socially unacceptable
'You really shouldn't drop stink bombs in the class room the same day of finals.'

'What are they going to do? Take away my birthday?'
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com June 13, 2004

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When an ogre has an orgasm
When the Jolly Green Giant ogreasm'd it was green.
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com May 06, 2004

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making the jack off motion with one's hand
How was your day Billy?

<makes jack off motion with hand> Same shit, different pile.
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com April 28, 2004

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A common Idaho slang term for Caldwell, Idaho, due to it's dominant population of Hispanics.
A hardcore Cholo typically has the baggy look, many tattoos and a shaved head hence BALDwell
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com October 16, 2007

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