(FANTASY SPORTS) - a player one selects for his/her fantasy team roster as a contingency for when one of the star players is injured/suspended/etc. often tends to be a backup or other teammate on the star player's 'Real Life' team roster, whose stats one would expect naturally to go up as a direct consequence of the star player's absence.
"This is fun? It's fun to watch your first-round pick standing sullenly on the sidelines every week as his backup whom you forgot to pick as a handcuff is putting up points? That's fun? REALLY?" (Bill Simmons, ESPN.com - 10/02/2009)
by billsimmons October 2, 2009
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When one takes strong actions to shield their object of affection from the advances of others
synonym: cockblock
"Man, he's handcuffing her because he knows if I get to her I'll take her from him."
by Brother Raymond October 11, 2003
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A tool cops use to handcuff criminal or a sex tool where the partner is handcuffed down for the other partners pleasure!!!
chris and marena and the other aggressive angie and tonie
by unkown November 17, 2002
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A device that goes around someone's wrists to restrain them. They are used for kinky sex and by law enforcement. Recently the police announced they were moving to other ways of stopping crime.
A standard cop situation:
An on duty cop sees a man masturbating in front of Wal-Mart. He reaches for his handcuffs. Before he takes them out he determines that handcuffs aren't enough to handle this dangerous situation so he decides to use his gun.
The use of his gun was so effective that police stations started to phase out handcuffs in favor of safety for all.
by Throbbing Llama September 23, 2016
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to fist a woman's vagina and anus simultaneously
Hey, Redman, did you pick up that skank last nite?
For sure! We played cops and robbers and she was the handcuffs!
by 4nick8 October 21, 2006
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Lettin it be known dhat ya nighas cnt fuck a certain bitch cause you fuckin her. No sharin!!
Nah son, dhat nigha handcuff dhat bitch ryt there. Find anotha bitch back to beat out.
by DhatBitch90210 April 20, 2010
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Usually use by cop for criminals sometimes use as sexual foreplay.
Bring me those handcuffs
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd December 12, 2020
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