116 definition by ray

its a way of saying i take it up the back way
you brown hutter

im no hutter you are!

ya mam
by Ray February 09, 2005

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when you take a shit, and when you wipe your ass, there isn't any shit on the toilet paper
i just took a phantom shit, i saved a couple of minutes because i didn't have to wipe my ass
by ray May 29, 2004

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1. An incredibly terrible clan called the International Society of Maniacal Killerz that once existed and flopped within days after achieving about three members.

2. Any clan that seems to have no purpose or is very bad at any game.
That clan is so ismk, they've lost every match!
by Ray April 10, 2004

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The anus
I destroyed her chocholate speedway last night.
by Ray February 27, 2004

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used by Dustin's grandpa, when in giant he likes to use this term
Giant seafoods associate-" hi can i help you" Dustin's grandpa- ( Rudly interuptting) IS THIS FRESSHHHHHHH???
by Ray February 02, 2005

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Car manufac. by Nissan, Hight between '91 and '93. NX2000 are the best, factoery high horses, and great handling. Plus hardley anyone has 'em. Rare, great, car.
I wouldn't trade my NX for nothin
by Ray August 31, 2004

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A moment when the cock stops beating and its functions die because of an ugly ass bitch sighting.
Omg..look at that fuckin cockstopper.

Dude..your moms a cockstopper.
by Ray December 07, 2003

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