A 69er is when a man/woman and a woman/man lie down on top of each other so that they are both facing opposite directions. And then the both of them lick/suck/whatever each others genitals (pussy/dick)
by ANIME KING April 17, 2003
when a guy & girl give oral sex at the same time, facing opposite directions, like 69!
Me: God I'm so horny u wanna do a 69er with jason
Janson: Yea baby we do a great 69er!
Me: lick my cunt hard baby!
by H0tT!e October 6, 2004
A mountain bike with a 26" rear wheel and a 29" front wheel.
this bike is a 69er.
by the cyclist April 11, 2010
When a girl and guy suck the other persons dick/pussy
by Anonymous November 1, 2003
2 guy?gal lick suck everything in sight of the ass!
guy1 "lick my ass honey"
guy2 "ok, only if you lick mine too"
by doodles June 16, 2003
partners, licking and sucking of organ's together....
my favorite before my partner fuck me...shit 69ers! i am getting horny when i remember him licking and sucking my pussy!
by toink_20 September 11, 2007
Devious sex move used when you do a standing 69, and after you orgasm, you pile driver your partner.
Ryan pulled off the 69er on Michael and heavily regretted it because the impact of the pile driver made Michael bite Ryan's dick off.
by Awk-man January 14, 2010