To be beaten senseless because you God damn definitely deserve it.

Not to be confused with kick-ass, shit-kicking,ass kissing or getting the shit kicked out of you.
We were having a kick-ass good time shootin' the shit and kickin' the shit out of this guy who needed an ass kicking. So kiss my ass.
by FrankC March 14, 2004
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One either delivers or recieves a rapid and painful kick to another person's posterior.

One individual delivers rapid blows to another individual in order to teach one a lesson, or to prove one is more of a man that the other.
I ass kicked him so bad, his shit had footprints in it.

Mother fucker - get ready to have your ass kicked.

by Kung Fu Alien January 20, 2008
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1. (noun) Term for an imaginary device that delivers punishment to one who has presented a sub-standard idea or has committed a critical error. Literally, such discipline may be presented in the form of a harsh lecture.

2. (noun) A mechanical device outfitted with several army boots on a rotating wheel used for automated physical punishment. The receiver is strapped into a stationary position to recieve repeated mechanical kicks to the buttocks until they have realized the error of their ways. Sometimes used for pleasure in sexual situations.

3. (adjective) Slang term used for an athlete or a sports team known for winning by a large margin in competition.

4. (adjective) Slang term used to describe a person of unusually great strength and physical prowess.
1. The Principal was determined to strap at least one of them into the ass kicking machine as he knew they were responsible for filling his gas tank with sand.

2. The ass kicking machine stalled on the 32nd stroke, so Wanda's loose caboose had less bruises than last week.

3. Walter sat eating a sandwich and wondered why he betted against the ass kicking machine that the German Women's Bowling league was.

4. Dude, I'm out. The bouncer is an ass kicking machine and he knows you fucked his girlfriend last year.
by Mickey Nation January 10, 2007
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The shoes you wear when you go ass kicking. Shoes reserved specifically for instances in which you anticipate needing to metaphorically/actually kick some ass
1. Thug: hand over yo' shit
You: sucks to be you, I always wear my ass-kicking shoes (proceeds to beat the ever loving shit out of said thug.)

2. Derp1: Dude, how did you ace that test?

Derp 2: I wore my ass-kicking shoes
by batgod November 5, 2013
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it's when you kick someone's ass so hard, that even major league baseball can't compare to how far their ass flies. (not to be confused with minor ass kicking)
As soon as Timmy put his white hood on in Detroit, he received a "major ass kicking".
by WallOGainz April 23, 2017
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An ass kicking fiesta is essentially a beating given out so exuberantly and jovially that it eventually takes on a sort of party atmosphere. Ass kicking fiestas are not often witnessed, as most beatings are at least a little difficult to give out, but if you want to increase your chances of seeing one your best bet is to attend any high school basketball game between a predominantly black inner city school and a small, predominantly white rural high school.
"Hey man, did you go to the New Oxford game? They played York High."
'Nah man I figured it was pretty much going to be an ass kicking fiesta for York High, so I skipped it.'
"Well you were right not to go, because it was an ass kicking fiesta of epic proportions."
by somaedickfromnewoxford December 20, 2011
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