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The highest level of cool one can ever acheive. A title often given to the cool and humorous, a nickname for kevin.
That's kevo, I hear he has acheived the highest level of cool and is super-dooper humorous. His real name is Kevin, I want his autograph.
by CaptainOats August 20, 2005
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1. An article of excellency bestowed upon a person whose physicality and intellect portrays aspects of remarkable brilliance, sophistication, vigor, seduction, courage, and compassion.
Wow that Chien guy is so cool, his title must be Kevo.
by terracottapr1nce September 10, 2007
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Kevo, also known as Kevo Maximo, is a person who cannot add or subtract very well. He is attracted to children, and attracts the ugliest women. A Kevo Maximo will often be confused with someone who has just been hit on the head, because if you ask a Kevo how many fingers you are holding up, he will not know.
Hey look at that Kevo with all the ugly women around him
by Your Mom July 11, 2004
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buy the domain for your recipe blog
Not to be mistaken with VEVO. It is a logo for the best Irish Youtuber, with tons of great content about a sociopathic Sim and the Attorney at Law: Grognak the Destroyer.
-β€œWho is the Kevo logo for in all those videos?”
-β€œIt’s for the channel CallMeKevin”
via giphy
by Ras Barry April 14, 2019
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one with a millimeter peter; short kid with a needle dick; the little one
That kevo was cursed with the tiniest dick I've ever seen.
by Crocks October 13, 2003
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quite ugly man, odd dresser, not often without infections
kevos someone we love a lot but he could work on his dress sense
by 21hx October 24, 2007
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