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A term peculiar to the Broadmeadows region, used to describe a foolish or stupid person.
Angela Troung is such a mofta
by Ray May 25, 2003
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God Damn it stephanie you tracked shit all over my house you fucking Mud Foot!
by Ray July 2, 2004
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A combination of wack and sauce.Often used to insult or make fun of.
Yo that shits wacksauce.
CHeap,thats wacksauce.
by Ray January 6, 2004
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2 men penetrating a woman from both sides at the same time, vaginally and anally.
She want us to have a cubian sandwitch
by Ray April 8, 2004
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Slang for breasts, named after Big Brother 5 UK contestant Shell Jubin.
Did you see Page 3 today? Shell's got her jubins out.
by Ray August 23, 2004
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1. very built or diesel; ready to fight at anytime.
2. manly or big
3. an excesive use or amount of something
1. You mad brawlic.
2. That chik is brawlic.
3. That fat dude's plate is mad brawlic.
by Ray March 16, 2003
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a jitterbug. a new arrival in Prison that is jittery about their new situation.
Dat jit better settle down before he gets punkd.
by Ray April 16, 2004
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