115 definitions by Ray

A term peculiar to the Broadmeadows region, used to describe a foolish or stupid person.
Angela Troung is such a mofta
by Ray May 25, 2003
While a man is giving a woman oral sex, he sticks his index finger down his throat and barfs all over her gash. After rubbing it in, he will start to bang her and use his chunky vomit as lubercation.
"Hey Honey, tonite is perfect for a Chunky Chuck because I had beef stew for lunch!"
by Ray October 22, 2004
Act of laying naked in bed with your woman, while spooning, and unexpectantly stuffing your flacid (or nearly flacid) mounding pudge package into the crack of her ass, the buldge of her beaver, or anywhere in between (taint). Works best right after sex when genitals are full of blood, but not quite erect.
Pudge Packing can be an intimately relaxing after-sex bonding session, as long as your ladyfriend doesn't mind having your hot, sopping wet pudge crammed in her crack.
by Ray June 11, 2004
Of or relating to a flood like circumstance (adjective)

used in the "dirty" south
"I heard it got really floody down your dirt road, lauren"
by Ray September 7, 2004
Slang for breasts, named after Big Brother 5 UK contestant Shell Jubin.
Did you see Page 3 today? Shell's got her jubins out.
by Ray August 23, 2004
1. very built or diesel; ready to fight at anytime.
2. manly or big
3. an excesive use or amount of something
1. You mad brawlic.
2. That chik is brawlic.
3. That fat dude's plate is mad brawlic.
by Ray March 16, 2003
a jitterbug. a new arrival in Prison that is jittery about their new situation.
Dat jit better settle down before he gets punkd.
by Ray April 16, 2004