116 definition by ray

A too-small speedo bathing suit.
While at the beach, some overweight moron strolled by in his German marble bag all but exposing his hairy nut-sack.
by Ray September 16, 2003

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Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
College near canal, its a government run mistake. a 'fuckin shit hole'
Damn I hate seeing that M.M.A. shirt, reminds me of my college days, and I don't miss them.
by Ray September 10, 2004

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1. a poster with some major issues 2. someone who suffers from a major case of depression 3. A guy with way too much time on his hands 4. someone who just needs to shut up 5. a guy who cares too much about sports
1. Razorray121 just shut up 2. Razorray121 is also Evolution-x29x
by Ray January 14, 2005

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A drop of Seman
Yo I rained on that bitch's face with my Giz Drops
by ray June 27, 2004

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Act of laying naked in bed with your woman, while spooning, and unexpectantly stuffing your flacid (or nearly flacid) mounding pudge package into the crack of her ass, the buldge of her beaver, or anywhere in between (taint). Works best right after sex when genitals are full of blood, but not quite erect.
Pudge Packing can be an intimately relaxing after-sex bonding session, as long as your ladyfriend doesn't mind having your hot, sopping wet pudge crammed in her crack.
by Ray June 11, 2004

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you tell what to do and they will never be a sl cat again..
SHUT OPE walk away and died.
by Ray March 29, 2004

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A sequal made purley for the intention of advancing the story.
man, that move was definatley sequtasik
by Ray December 05, 2003

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