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Used in place of an interjection or action, used to get someones attenntion
"Apenon! What the hell is that kid saying, thats not even a real word
by ray February 3, 2005
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Prison(College in N.Dartmouth Mass) military based, fucking shit holl hell. 'same 4 walls, day in, day out'
'Shit, you went to M.M.A. right?'

'Yea, thats y I make 80g's a year now, but I gotta wonder if it was worth it, I almost died their, it took away my soul'
by ray September 11, 2004
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"Lz is short for Lazy"
by ray October 22, 2003
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A derogatory term used for hookers that hang out at truck stops.
CB conversation: Breaker Breaker 19, does anyone know of any lizards hangin out on I-18.
by ray February 6, 2003
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Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
College near canal, its a government run mistake. a 'fuckin shit hole'
Damn I hate seeing that M.M.A. shirt, reminds me of my college days, and I don't miss them.
by ray September 11, 2004
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The master of all, The great Peach of the fruits, The Mopperizer
by ray March 26, 2005
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A term peculiar to the Broadmeadows region, used to describe a foolish or stupid person.
Angela Troung is such a mofta
by ray May 25, 2003
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