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The best damn beer in the world.
Dude pour me another pint of Mothers Milk, damn this is good beer!
by ralph May 2, 2004
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Men's (Or Male) Unbifucated Garment. Any kind of skirt-like clothing used to cover the legs of a man, such as the kilt, sarong, hakama, kimono, fustanella, tunic, and many others. They tend to be much more comfortable than pants due to the room in the crotch region, as well as the feeling of the fabric against one's legs.
A kilt is, technically speaking, a skirt, however, it's more properly referred to as a MUG.
by ralph March 1, 2005
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Anyone with an I.Q. above 100 who refuses to mentally lobotomize themself and accept the status quo and the rules set down by an imaginary authority.
"Oh, there goes Dan, saying we shouldn't cut out our citizens' livers and throw them in the fire. He's a kook." -What ancient Mayans may have considered to be a kook.
by ralph February 14, 2005
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A person, or Kooter, having nymphomaniac tendencies.
That Guila girl is one crazy kooter-cat!
by ralph July 1, 2003
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A traditional garment which, as it's known today, originated in the Scottish Highlands. Though they're often seen as formal clothing, many variations exist that may be worn daily such as the Sport Kilt or Amerikilt. Kilts tend to be far more comfortable than pants, and if some of the people who've written definitions here just tried going for one day in a kilt with no fabric squishing their genitals, they'd surely reconsider their views of them. And a kilt is certainly NOT a dress in any way, shape, or form.
Unlike Dick Much over there, I am secure enough in my heterosexuality and masculinity to wear a kilt.
by ralph March 1, 2005
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what FSU uses for their mascot. Pretty much is a reflection of the their stupidity and lower class because infact the seminoles were a mut tribe... don't think this is the truth... look it up, they actaully teach you this in upper end universities. Seminoles were in fact a group of indians, some from over here and there, as well as almost 60%runaway slaves... interesting! makes you think... oh wait no thinking isnt an option at FSU
that is one sketchy person, must be a seminole!
by ralph February 7, 2005
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