The act of anal penetration with an uncircumsized penis. See egg roll
I tried to call her to hang out but apparently she was too busy being egg rolled.
by John Sucimeli June 7, 2004
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Waking up to find your penis (usually morning wood) visible out the bottom, side, top, or through the pee slot of one's underwear. When sleeping with or around others (i.e. slumber party, crashing on a girl's sofa on the second date), you are usually the last to realize, causing embarrassment to one's self and laughter to the other party/parties.
1. “I went out with this guy the other day. He got totally drunk, made an ass out of himself then couldn’t drive. I felt bad and let him sleep on the couch. When I got up in the morning to kick him out, he had a total egg roll sticking out of his boxers. As if!!”

2. “At scout camp, Kyle comes walking out to get breakfast and pulled a total egg roll. We laughed so hard. He felt so dumb he walked home eight miles.”

by Dizz Markie June 21, 2007
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a poorly rolled joint, fat in the middle and thin at both ends.

Brandon tried to spin up a couple of quick doobs, but wound up with two shitty egg rolls and shake everywhere.
by Figleaf23 August 5, 2007
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when a mans hair line receeds an abnormal amount, leaving behind a bald large shiny forehead, a lot of young black guys refer to this a a cuss
see mans hair, he's got proper egg roll dan
by yadaddytdon January 4, 2009
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"Angelina used to love Brad's Summer Sausage, but decided she preferred Chan's Egg Roll because it was little, yellow, different. Better."
by Super Wank March 13, 2009
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n. One of many dick tricks. This particular one is performed by wrapping your penis shaft directly south around the scrotum, making the shaft of the penis look like the roll, and the balls looking like the egg.
He ran into the room with his pants down and The Egg Roll flashing. I almost died of laughter.
by Skott September 21, 2004
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