thats a nice booty they be havin'

oh look at that nice set of muscles he be havin'
by loe10103 March 16, 2009
It's not okay with the person or the person is not taking any bullshit.
When Jenna's hair does not look as it should, she's not havin' it.

The teacher said there was a pop quiz and Meg was not havin' it.

Ian was cut off by the car in front of him, he was not havin' it.

Dave has a really bad headache, so he would say "my head is just not havin' it right now".

Chelsea asked the teacher to go to the bathroom during the lesson, the teacher was not havin' it.
by nothavinit September 26, 2011
Euphemistic slang for having sex.
Later on I be havin’ it.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 17, 2019
to have a lot of fun, wether drinking, smoking, or just chilling with ya homies
" yo we was on 8th street straigt havin it last night!"
by centerville ryda October 2, 2006
Havin is a rare type of animal that can only be found in forested area's and mountains. It has large eyes and is usually black
Oh my god! Is that a Havin?
by chubbychoco121 August 31, 2009
When you havin' you good you getting money you healthy you eating. Not to be confused with a Havin' Ass Nigga. Originates from the one and only @Somegodx. Peep that Soundcloud.
I been havin' man shits looking up recently we eating now.
by Somegodx and Just Jone February 3, 2019
Havin can mean few things like having racks or having tree for sale or anything else for sale.
Feen: Yo you havin?
Plug: nah just ran out imma lyk when I reup!


“It’s DeMo Havin flipping racks with the packs”
by Da Revivalist March 18, 2021