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Expression. Refers to the moment in time when someone has 'turned a corner' in their recovery from having 'loose motions' or diarrhea. No longer do they have fear of #sharting (soiling pants from farting) and are now able to 'fart...with confidence'.
Q. Are you still sick with diarrhea?

A. Nope. I'm back, 'farting with confidence'!
by psdmccartney March 13, 2019
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Noun. Guru Goggles are not physical. They are metaphorical, and refer to the way in which people become devoted to a charismatic authority figure (like a guru). It refers to the level of intensity to which people become focused on, or attracted to, a guru, beyond anything else; which relate to spiritual bypassing and pathological altruism. The harder someone is attached to a guru, the stronger, we can say, the prescription of their guru goggles, is.
The prescription of his "guru goggles" is too strong. He can't see that the guy is a really bad. No matter what you say, he won't change his mind.
by psdmccartney September 30, 2018
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a portmanteau blend of "truth" + "fiction" - it defines the rhetorical technique of combining facts with complete bullshit in an attempt to either sound credible or convince people that what they are saying is true. it could be done consciously or unwittingly
what he is saying is utter triction.
by psdmccartney July 5, 2017
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noun. Albury-Wodonga is one town separated by a river in south-eastern Australia, similar to Buda and Pest in Hungary. In Australia, a Wodonga refers to anyone's lover who lives further than 150 kms. It is a vernacular synonym for a long-distance relationship LDR. It can be used as a pronoun (1); as a noun (1.1) or as an imprecise term of measurement (2) in relation to the physical distance between oneself and their lover. ie the bigger the distance, the bigger the wodonga.
1) How's your wodonga doing? Are they OK?

1.1) Do you have a wodonga?

2) How big is your wodonga?
by psdmccartney July 5, 2018
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Noun. The dystopian future where everyone is like yoga zombies wearing yoga pants, and is forcing people to become like lemmings being led towards a reimagined yogic lifestyle of unquestioned consumption of romantic, ahistorical narratives around the perceived ideal of what the world could and should become through adopting a yogic way of life.
Fuck. The yogalypse has begun! Run for hills! The yoga zombies in their yoga pants are sun saluting their way across the city turning everyone their hot yoga sweat falls on into one of them. Soon we’ll all be eating vegan kale chips while chanting ‘om’.
by psdmccartney September 1, 2018
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Noun. yogastan is an imagined place where everyone does yoga. It is similar to countries with the -stan ending that means '-land'. So, yoga-stan means 'yogaland', which is a very common way for global yogis to refer to their imagined yoga community.
I hate being at work. I just wish I could go to yogastan and relax, stretch, and hang out with my friends in my yoga tribe.
by psdmccartney July 6, 2018
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Noun. A portmanteau of yoga + vacation in which the primary motivation and activity for the vacation is to attend a yoga retreat or course.
Next week, I am going to India for a yogation where I will spend all my time at a 200-hr yoga teacher-training course.
by psdmccartney April 10, 2018
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