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Definition: truth hidden in fiction.

I took the words truth and fiction and combined them. I would have to go back years in my diaries to find when I first coined the word triction. I coined the word to help people understand that I was hiding true incidents in my life in a fictional story setting.

If I could I would love to be able to tell you the exact date I made the word up from my diary records. However, I do know for a fact that I used the word and definition in a foreword dated October 28, 2014 in one of my kids book called, "Life Lessons with R.J."
My literary works are triction
by Janissa Lindsay April 11, 2020
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a portmanteau blend of "truth" + "fiction" - it defines the rhetorical technique of combining facts with complete bullshit in an attempt to either sound credible or convince people that what they are saying is true. it could be done consciously or unwittingly
what he is saying is utter triction.
by psdmccartney July 5, 2017
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omg trictions reached 3 digit
by bease21 August 9, 2022
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