marijana, weed, herb
or stoned high
I need to get some Buda.

by bj November 26, 2002
A Kenyan sheng(a form of slang) word used by most Kenyan urban teens to refer to your own father or a friend
Can't come to the party tonight buda ako(is) around
by Al'vin Al'sace May 29, 2015
Buda (or bouda), in Ethiopian folk religion, is the power of the evil eye and the ability to change into a hyena.
Belief in the evil eye, or buda, is widespread in Ethiopia. The Beta Israel, or Ethiopian Jews, are often characterized as possessing buda. Other castes such as ironworkers are often labeled as bearing the buda. In fact, the word for manual worker, tabib, is also used to denote "one with the evil eye. The alleged evil power of the tabib is believed to be at a level similar to that of witches.
Buda - Power behind the evil eye...
by stoopsooth August 28, 2010
Stands for "Bulging Upper Dick Area". Analogous to the common Fupa, only this particular acronym applies to males with an exceptionally bulbous frontal orb.
Holy shit, that guy's Buda is hanging out of his shorts....looks like he's pregnant.

Micah's Buda is large enough to be considered its own independent nation.
by hilariousness69 December 2, 2011
People Say Its Weed But Its A Raw Form Of Weed Many Times Stonger And Better I Bet 1 million Dollars None Of Yall Little Nigga Eva Had Buda
I Like To Smoke Weed And The Buda But Weed Sucks Once You Had To Buda
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
1. (verb) When a girl practices her oral techniques on a guy (usually slightly older than her) who she only knows kind of well, so that she can improve her skills in a way where there is low emotional risk.

2. (noun) The male who receives the said act of oral pleasure and helps to guide the female in her knowledge of the thing. A good buda is trustworthy, because he knows that telling anyone of his role would be a breach of the female's trust (and that would mean he wouldn't be requested to engage in this act in the future).

The choice of the word 'buda' is said to be a reference to the male in the act acting like a wise Buddha, imparting his wisdom and knowledge to the female.
1. Yeah, I buda'd this girl the other day. She said it was so when she got a real boyfriend she'd do a good job, but I think she just wanted to blow me.

2. I'll be your buda, no problem.
by theacademyis33253 October 10, 2007
I busted out a phat-ass 720 on my skate yo. BUDA!!!!
by Psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003