Light Dependent Resistor; resistor whose value is dependent of light that it absorbs
A: how do you make a lamp that will turn off when there is no light?
B: just use LDR
by Buah-buahan December 18, 2017
Person 1: Have you seen how fucking hot LDR is?
Person 2: Who's LDR?
Person 1: Lana Del Rey
Person 2: Fuck yeah, she's hot.
by adfgfdkhemdkeoiheher June 29, 2012
LDR stands for Long-Distance Relationship more like........ when you are Wadee and Samar.
Wadee: hopefully I can touch her hands at least.
A friend: Then why you waiting?
Wadee: No we are having LDR.
A friend: One day you will.
*Note*--- Wadee loves Samar so much and yep I know no one cares :)
by WFAR August 24, 2019
Songsby LDR is my life
by Moon b September 22, 2020
Light Dependent Resistor
I used an LDR in my circuit
by pseudownym11 December 18, 2017
Life-death relationship
A relation ship that keeps the other from suicide
Mike: hey John hows sarah
John: sarah sucks to date im in a ldr
by Robo2004 March 7, 2019