LDR stands for"long distance relationship". Somebody who loves this kind of relationship and wants it to have, so looks for it, is called a LDRS(long distance relationship searcher).
Andrew is a ldrs. So,he is searching for a gf in another city.
by IranARS June 16, 2018
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Light Dependent Resistor; resistor whose value is dependent of light that it absorbs
A: how do you make a lamp that will turn off when there is no light?
B: just use LDR
by Buah-buahan December 18, 2017
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Person 1: Have you seen how fucking hot LDR is?
Person 2: Who's LDR?
Person 1: Lana Del Rey
Person 2: Fuck yeah, she's hot.
by adfgfdkhemdkeoiheher June 29, 2012
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Life-death relationship
A relation ship that keeps the other from suicide
Mike: hey John hows sarah
John: sarah sucks to date im in a ldr
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by Robo2004 March 06, 2019
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