What the Miss Universe women hope to achieve, as though they have a role in society.
I'm a girl with a fake crown, so I can make terrorists and US Presidents stop acting like weapon-loaded kill-bots! With a wave of my hand, I will create world peace! Whoosh!
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 23, 2003
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Can be acheived through annihilation of the entire human race.
All I have to do is press this button here and world peace will be instantly acheived.
by space alien August 26, 2003
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Face it, something that will never happen.
Miss America: I wish for world peace.
Judge: WTF? Not possible dumbass anorexic whore. =)
by kilfroy October 8, 2005
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Something impossible to achieve because everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts.
by Highly Evolved March 29, 2005
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Will NEVER happen, regardless of what the politician spews out of his/her ass.
World peace will never exist because humans are simply bloodthirsty predators with larger brains for plotting out newer and better ways of killing and causing more violence.
by AYB April 27, 2003
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