Wodonga is town situated on the murray river. It is opposite to the superior town of Albury. Wodonga is well known through out Australia and the world as been the most undesirable place to live in the world. Wodonga has seven social classes which include emo, goth, bum, satnist, homersexual, inbreed and bogan/yobo. In 1834 Albury was created but a large amount of unsavory people moved into the area so it was decided another town would be built on the other side of the river. This town was called Wodonga which is the aboringal word for "I like it up the ass". In June 1834 after 2 hours of construction Wodonga was created all it was a single barb wire around a 5square km. The river added as a wall as all these bogans where unable to swim. During the 1930's the people of Albury felt sorry for the people of Wodonga who are known as Wondongs so a bridge was built from Albury to supply aid for the Wondongs. A simple barb wire gate on the bridge kept the people of of Wodonga out. By 2006 a new freeway was built which diverted Wodonga this freeway was built after there was a spate of car jackings by the people of Wodonga.
An example of Wodonga is Kazahstan (the borat version) which is the closest thing to what Wodonga
by Peter Alexander May 26, 2008
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Wodonga is a hole located on the border of Victoria, Australia.
Jake: Man have you been to Wodonga
Sean: What the hell is Wodonga?
by Jake Luty October 20, 2007
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noun. Albury-Wodonga is one town separated by a river in south-eastern Australia, similar to Buda and Pest in Hungary. In Australia, a Wodonga refers to anyone's lover who lives further than 150 kms. It is a vernacular synonym for a long-distance relationship LDR. It can be used as a pronoun (1); as a noun (1.1) or as an imprecise term of measurement (2) in relation to the physical distance between oneself and their lover. ie the bigger the distance, the bigger the wodonga.
1) How's your wodonga doing? Are they OK?

1.1) Do you have a wodonga?

2) How big is your wodonga?
by psdmccartney July 5, 2018
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