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When you use a minor injury to sit on the sidelines during an important event.
Tom pulled a Jay Cutler with his boss when he got a paper cut.

Tom: "I can't finish the presentation. I'm hurt."
Boss: "WTF. This is. really important. Millions of dollars are at stake. The whole company is counting on you."
Tom: "I'm injured. Sam the intern can finish. We aren't going to win the contract anyway."

Boss: "Sam you finish. Tom just Jay Cutler'd us."
by presqueisle January 25, 2011

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Two police cars facing away from each other parked side by side so the officers can talk to each other through the drivers side windows without using radios.
The police officers held a hoodle in case the perps were listening on a scanner.
by presqueisle December 26, 2012

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A snow tornado. Blizzard conditions with tornado warnings seemingly common in the Erie, PA area.
The weather terrorists are calling for a snow and a tornado, a snownado!
by presqueisle January 31, 2011

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Term used describe what President Barack Obama has done to the United States of America with his 'tax and spend' policy which has cost millions of jobs to be lost and crushed the economy, his policy of numerous government regulations which has crushed small business and his policy to make sure everyone ends up on welfare instead of working for a living.
Notable economists have concluded that President Barack Obama has turned America Barackward during his time in office.
by presqueisle January 07, 2012

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Loser, trailer trash.
Bobbie Joe is such a lott. He's got a $30,000 pickup truck, and lives in a $5,000 mobile home.
by presqueisle January 23, 2011

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