a hard working bitch who gets shit done
Amanda: how do i start a small business?
Bob: Sacrifice your Life!
by nothoughtsjustmonke March 13, 2021
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The act of efficiently running an organization for the purpose of making lots of money.
Small business the right way and make lots of money.
by Mark Cuban III November 29, 2017
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Woman #1: I heard you had sex with Tom last night? How's his "business?"
Woman #2: Not a lot going on down there.
Woman #1: Oh. He's a small business owner.
by d'rof71 March 5, 2008
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The Saturday after Black Friday. This is the day when business' realize that they are screwed and start thinking about Chapter 13. They tried opening on Thanksgiving offering ridiculous discounts only to find out that it is costing them more in protests, petitions, and lawsuits then the profits they made for the day. Black Friday wasn't any better as most of the shoppers that came in were just looking at the items that they wanted to buy online cheaper then any Black Friday deal would have got them.
Joe: Hey did you go shopping on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday?

Dave: Nah man, I'm doing mine on Cyber Monday
by StealthTSX November 30, 2013
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If you support a business at all, you support it enough, you don't have to spend money at a small business once a week to prove that you're a good enough citizen to some entity that doesn't really give a fuck about you, the business, or whether you're a good enough citizen (the same entity that created Small Business Saturday).
Small Business Saturday is a way to control people's spending habits, nothing more and nothing less.
by The Original Agahnim July 18, 2021
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