a common dwelling found in oklahoma. you often see these flying around oklahoma in a tornado.
hey ma, where'd the mobile home go?
by texas420 May 29, 2006
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Perfectly respectable alternative dwelling primarily found in the United States. Cheaper priced and often manufactured for less, these dwellings (and thusly their inhabitants) are often looked down upon by the greater society. Truly, mobile homes and their residents are misunderstood and wrongly catagorized as 'trashy' because of long running stereo types dating back to the 1950's. Indeed, the modern mobile home and their owners have evolved beyond the 'white trash hick' stock characters others try to force them to be, but remain overshadowed by the ignorant and those who need to grow up.
Guy #1: Duuuude! Look at all that trailer trash!
Guy #2: What?
Guy #1: Everyone knows that trailer parks are shit dumps.
Guy #2: I'm going to slit your ignorant throat.
Guy #1: Yeah, I deserve it. Sorry to have wrongly put mobile homes down.
Guy #2: Too late.
Guy #1: Kkgggggchshhhhhhhhhhkkkkk -
Guy #2: God, I hate that sound.
by StarOnion February 9, 2007
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"Hey Joe, what's happening, you stupid fucking piece of white trash?"
"Nothing, just driving my house to the racetrack."
"Who do you want to win?"
"Dick Trickle."
"HAHAHA! Better pray to Dale Earnhardt for that one. Don't bet the mobile home on it. Cracka."
by Nick D April 3, 2003
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A euphemism for house trailer. Replaced lately by another even softer term, manufactured home. Don't let the manufactured home companies tell you different, it might have siding and wood cabinets, but its still a fucking trailer!<p>Often occupied by toothless hicks and easy but dirty women.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
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A “manufactured home” is where meth labs take place and hoarders live if your lucky enough you’ll see a Mexican grandma riding a bicycle wearing a headlamp
“Ew Carol look it’s a mobile home.”
by wermanator October 10, 2018
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Word describing a person, comes from the word "homey" or "home-boy", often used towards a person of the "thug-gangsta" category.
Yo mobile homes, better pass that shit.
by Bizznatch December 21, 2001
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The action of cumming in a homeless woman, and while she is cleaning your nut out, you run away with her tent.
Friend: How’d you get that sweet ass tent?
You: I pulled off a leaking mobile home!
by Lil weenr December 1, 2022
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