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A city full of rednecks, sluts, skanks, prostitution, drug dealers and many more. Erie is the Little Detroit of Pennsylvania, it’s also well known as being the mistake on the lake. They have the Nighmare on Elm Street Walmart, abandoned houses full of homeless and crackheads, as well as gangsters with weird nicknames like “Spoons”, “Hacker” and “PSN”. Erie has a billion churches and probably a thousand bars on every corner. People only think Erie is the best just because of Waldameer and Splash Lagoon, but once you go into the neighborhoods, you’ll think “this place is a shit hole.”
I went to Erie and found a needle on the ground.
by shuffleboard December 11, 2019
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"He lost a few games of Starcraft II, I think he is Tilting"
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The mistake by the lake. The snow capital of the world. Where schools never cancel classes and no one is surprised if the temp changes from 100 degrees to negative 20 in 4 hours. The adults are all either really sheltered or mega whacked out. Kids start drinking, smoking, and f*cking in elementary school. And you can find a bag of pot easier than you can spot a car. You might live in the city but have 3 farms in a mile radius. Nick Scott is a known hated monopolist. If you go to college, you are probably either a science or communications major. If you once went to college, chances are you did drugs or drank every day, all day, for years, and still do. The millcreek mall and the dollar theater were the coolest places to hang growing up, and the penninsula was so awesome with its nasty shit infested water. If you ever want to see the most messed up city in all the world, come here.
Erie, PA received 10 feet of snow today and nothing closed down except the plowing companies.
by ME March 15, 2005
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The Booze Capital of the USA. I swear, turn in any direction and spit and you will hit a tavern or beer distributor. There is always a Roman Catholic Church across the street for a bar and a convenience store.
The city council is know for blowing tax money on stupid-ass ideas, like the Bayfront Convention Center or the Maritime Museum. Also known for a lot of snow in the winter.
I feel like getting piss drunk on 25 cent drafts ... hey, let's go to Erie, Pennsylvania!
by Wilson Fisk November 30, 2006
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The hardest city in PA. Forget all the problems we have and forget what these other fools say. People here need to appreciate what's here. People from all over come here and over a million visitors come to Presque Isle anually. We are the best city between Cleveland and NYC. Forget them Allentown fools!
I represent Erie, Pa for life
by ill Kid/The Infamous September 14, 2006
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A place that is ruled by old, catholic, trade union, democrats. A city that is so backward that it uses it's government to tax people almost to death and invest in risky get rich quick schemes. People in the city can't go to a doctor, but the police and fire unions don't pay anything for their healthcare. Old Democrats set it up as an empire, it also may be the largest city of draining welfare people in Pennsylvania other than Philadelphia. It is a black hole of common sense.
Jon: look at the new Erie convention center, doesn't it look cool.
James: Yeah! it sure does and it had better because my kids' kid's are gonna be paying for it.
by John Q. Public III September 11, 2006
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A highly underappreciated city in NorthWestern Pennsylvania. Everyone claims to hate it but in reality it is a model micropolis with 4 beautiful seasons, a thriving consumer and tourist market, good schools, 3 highly revered Universities, a beautiful and significantly cleaner lake and bay, Presque Isle State park and a very bipartison and fair local government. Everyone hates Nick Scott here but hes the man.
This morning I sailed across Lake Erie and had lunch, but when I got home there was 8 feet of snow so I went to peek n peek and skied all day.
by jamiemackcrackattack July 25, 2009
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