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refers to a short person, resembling the smurf with the axe from the old popular pc game "Golden Axe".
Look at him, he's so ugly, he looks like the smurf from golden axe.
by phlegmat May 25, 2005

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The typical way in Israel to get things or jobs. By a deal or connections.
1. Mr. Cohen works here thanks to a combina his brother, Uzi Cohen, has made.

2. Damn Ezra! I am a victim to his combina, that's why i'm doing these kitchen jobs.
by phlegmat March 22, 2005

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An acronym for Larry David's HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiasm".
- Hey, did you watch CYE?
- Oh, yeah, it was hilarious!
by phlegmat May 27, 2005

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A term refers to a soldier in the IDF, whose profile is 64 or below, and is not a fighter, but in less important position, mostly clerical one.
The classic jobnick serves in the Kirya and comes back home everyday at 5 pm.
by phlegmat March 21, 2005

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An expreesion, which describes a state of a person or a thing, who got beaten so hard, that is out of order or temporary paralyzed/dysfunctioning.
- "Damn it, my computer has ceased to work suddenly".
- "It was probaby slapped by Jesus".
by phlegmat March 25, 2005

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An expression used widely in Hebrew, as well as in Arabic, literaly meaning: "curse your god". Being said at times of distress, frustration or depression.
"Ina'al Rabaque the world!"
by phlegmat March 23, 2005

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a guy wearing his shorts rediculously.
Zalman, he's got shorts
reaching his knees
by phlegmat March 21, 2005

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