you mean you've never double clicked your mouse? <american pie
by buzzworthy0112 January 5, 2004
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Taking two tokes in concession without passing to other members of the toking circle.

Secondary definition - to takeout of turn.

Also: double clicking, double clicked.
Person 1: you just took a toke.
Person 2: so.
Person 1: don't double click I want a toke!

Second example

Person cuts in line, "hey man, don't double click end of the line."
by MGDnweed June 17, 2011
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The only true way to get the ladies. Performed by gracefully jumping and clicking your heels twice in the air.
by m00p_d0gg March 2, 2005
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To ejaculate, in mid-orgasm, into at least two orifices consecutively.
We were fucking doggy style and I did a double click in her pussy and ass.
by Double Clicker June 16, 2011
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Double click is a term meaning to place added emphasis or elaborate on a previously discussed point.

This term can often be heard in the technology or financial industries.
Maasha, I’d like to double click on this topic for a moment if we can.
by RightDistraction October 16, 2020
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Double-clicking is the term used for someone fancying someone. You actually 'double-click' to show that someone fancies someone.
I think I *double-click* her.
You so double-click him!
by secreet;)<3 February 7, 2011
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This phenomena occurs frequently with Windows users, where when double-clicking on a file in which to open, the click is not fast enough, causing the file to be highlighted rather than opened. This usually causes the user to have to resort to using the “Enter” key instead.

This occurrence can cause low self-esteem particularly in older people as it draws into question the performance of their motor skills, leading to thoughts that maybe they are showing signs of early stages of Alzheimer’s or other neurological disorders (which is usually not the case).
“I saw a neurologist today on account of my increasing number of ‘double-click misfires’. He assured me that nothing was wrong with my motor skills and suggested I simply adjust my mouse settings.”
by Johntoo August 22, 2009
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