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The typical way in Israel to get things or jobs. By a deal or connections.
1. Mr. Cohen works here thanks to a combina his brother, Uzi Cohen, has made.

2. Damn Ezra! I am a victim to his combina, that's why i'm doing these kitchen jobs.
by phlegmat March 22, 2005
hebrew slang - Great!
originally, an arabic word.
- "How's it going, dude"?
- "Fanan, ya Indie"!
by phlegmat March 21, 2005
A term refers to a soldier in the IDF, whose profile is 64 or below, and is not a fighter, but in less important position, mostly clerical one.
The classic jobnick serves in the Kirya and comes back home everyday at 5 pm.
by phlegmat March 21, 2005
A very sincere comment to a girl, whose body is sexy but her face looks like an accident.
"gosh, wtf is this? It seems like god has given her a body but kicked her face"!!!
by phlegmat March 24, 2005
Gee Wye.
Said by annoying sissy, accoompanied by gay hand movement.
"GY, the coffee isn't tasty".
by phlegmat March 22, 2005
an Israeli dude named after an oak tree.
Alon has climbed the Alon.
by phlegmat March 21, 2005
an Israeli expression said by someone to someone he/she admires, meaning "have sex with me".
May appear in creative forms such as "do me a triplets".
- "Harel Ska'at, do me a child"!
by phlegmat March 22, 2005