The act of assisting your partner getting his penis back in you after it fell out during sex.
My girlfriend was helpful last night after, my cock slipped out while she was riding me.
by Captian Unicorn May 5, 2003
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What you are not. What is referencing me supposed to do for me? Nothing. Useless. "Not justifying it! Just explaining it!" Like, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? And not the quote in and of itself but the fact that you are doing it in reference to me. What is that supposed to me to me. Yes. I understand that you are reading this. Crediting me with the fruits of my labor would prove that you are not better than me. Which is exactly why you are not doing it.
Hym "Oh, and I almost forgot to mention (well, not really 'forgot' but I wanted to sit in this for a while) remember the other week when I had some guy behind the counter of a gas station say the name of the last restaurant I was at before he even address the fact that he was ringing up my purchase? Well, that same night I had a pair of kids (looked maybe 16-18) pull up next to me as I was driving, get my attention, the passenger either flipped me off or point up to the sky (either 👆🖕), and then they sped off, and honked their horn 3 times. That's shit isn't normal. If that shit isn't insane to you then you degree is as meaningless as your book. Famous YouTubers referencing me also isn't normal but is slowly becoming a common phenomenon. That's not helpful. It's so not helpful that it suffices to say that it seems intended to be the opposite of helpful. The former is going to continue happening regardless of how hard I work. And if you want me to 'be normal' then that is no longer an option. A 'normal' does not have to tolerate this. Therefore, I will not tolerate this. If the bus driver can't be reasoned with and he refuses to turn the wheel; if don't need to let him drive me off of a cliff."
by Hym Iam August 5, 2022
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if you looked this up, you've probably already seen the top definition from PintoBean2003. Why does everyone think he's joking? we have to help him he's not joking. Have we heard from him recently? Is he even still alive? Or are the secret overlords of the urban dictionary silencing us. If so, why? If you're voting, let this word in, please. And if you see it in the dictionary, the overlords must have overlooked this. We gotta help him
by General-Kenobi July 20, 2020
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i have been trapped in urban dictionary
i am running out of fresh water and i will most likely be dead by morning
send help asap

on the bright side im learning some new words
help this isnt a joke
by PintoBean2003 March 3, 2020
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When a user of TikTok finds something funny or disturbing .
"help why did he dance like that"
by eminemstan1000 February 21, 2022
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