AN ANCIENT PROVERB that echoes alternatives to "one man's trash is another man's treasure", except the two men are gay. Has sexual connotations. Can be used in all contexts especially the workplace. Fundamental speech to impress your homosexual boss (eg. wELL SIR. AS THEY SAY, ___________.)
one man's ___ is another man's ____:

eg. one mans business is another mans christmas

one mans balls is another mans ALLS

one mans testicles is another mans BESTICLES

one mans testes are a nother mans besties

one mans orgasm is another mans spasms

one mans cum is another mans RUM


one mans shaft is another mans raft

one mans rim is another mans hymn

one mans pleasure is another mans treasure

one mans hole is another mans goal

one mans ass is another mans YAASSSSS

one mans ab is another mans grab

one mans prick is another mans lick

one mans member is another mans december

one mans ride is another mans hide

one mans behind is another mans grind

one mans nipples are another mans temples

one mans prostate is another mans estate

one mans face is another mans garage space
by breastateestate October 20, 2017
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A book & also a film about Richard Proenneke, who lived alone for many winters in a remote Alaskan area accessible only by plane. He built a cabin, made his own tools, had a garden, kept journals about it all. Fantastic real story!
I saw One Man's Wilderness on PBS & got the book from my Mom. Excellent & enthralling!
by Starchylde May 27, 2016
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When a man, finding himself home alone on a weeknight with nothing to do, decides to have a drink and ends up getting shit-faced over the course of several hours.
Steve walks into work rubbing his head. "Oh man, I have a terrible hangover." "But it's a Tuesday!" Bob exclaims. "Were you out on a date?" "No, I had a one-man party last night. I watched some Netflix, played some guitar, drank a lot of whiskey."
by Mr Philibuster November 20, 2010
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The sickest crap of a video on the internet, it is basically the toned down version of the pain Olympics video of a guy that scrapes his penis off with a carrot grater. It is evidently similar to two girls one cup, only with one guy and he doesn't crap in the cup.
"Bro I saw one man one jar!" Other guy: "No way! You know the part where he sits on the whole thing and it breaks and he pulls the shards out of his bleeding anus?"
by well it really depends... September 18, 2013
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The second most horrible viral video, following one guy one screwdriver. It involves a (so far) anonymous man, who squats down over a jar, sliding it up into his ass, and squeezes it with his anus, causing it to shatter in his rectum. Rather than screaming in pain and calling 911, he just grunts, then begins to pick the shards out by hand as a sizable pool of surprisingly thick blood forms beneath him.. A mass of scar tissue suggests that this was intentional, and he "performs" on a regular basis.
Hey man, check this out. Have you seen "one man one cup" before?
by Professor the third March 14, 2010
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When you finally go to bed after a 48-hour Vegas coke, booze and hooker binge and you lay on your back in the hotel bed, staring at the ceiling, arms tight to your sides, losing your shit, questioning your decision-making ability and praying you'll survive.
During breakfast at the Bellagio: "How'd you sleep last night? Do a little one-man luge in your hotel room?"
by Toastwaver March 23, 2016
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(n.) A heavily armed and well-trained soldier. See rambo
Rambo is the one man army! Watch him kill 775956957594945.5 people with a handgun and two clips!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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