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A patient who consents to submit to radical surgery or who otherwise consents to submit to extensive procedures or lifetime pill purchases, etc. in a case which has each of the following elements:
1. Where other doctors, if consulted, might not agree that the condition is serious enough to justify recommending such a painful, dangerous, extensive and expensive course of treatment and;
2. Where the treating doctor's opinion and recommendation have been improperly influenced by the fact that if the patient consents, the doctor's financial circumstances will improve, enabling the doctor to continue to repay medical school loans, office expenses, loans for expensive diagnostic and other equipment and where the doctor's primary love is for money and where his primary goal is to become wealthy, and;
3. Where the patient's insurance or personal wealth has resulted in a passing score for the patient in the patient's wallet biopsy.
Doctor x: It's Monday morning, Dr. Y, let's look over the list of appointments for this week and see if there are any patients who might qualify to become another one of our meat puppets.
Dr. Y: Yes, I agree that we should review this week's patient files for possible additional meat puppets. I've just learned that my heavy investment in Monoposuck has tanked because of everyone suddenly moving to cloud computing accessible with cheap computer terminals and open source software.
by pamschel February 13, 2008
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A person who has read the Koran or has learned from others that:
1. To please God do good deeds.

2. To show proper fear of God, avoid doing his prohibited acts.

3. Have strong faith in our munificent Allah.

Whew! We're lucky he's a muslim!
by pamschel June 16, 2006
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A woman who believes in God and believes that the Bible and the Koran are both holy books from God and she believes she should be submissive to God's rules in all things and at all times. She avoids prohibited acts and does good deeds and has strong faith in God's goodness. She dresses modestly to avoid Zina (fornication) which she knows is one of the 14 acts forbidden by God in both the bible and koran.
At the mosque, she goes by 1 Corinthians 14:28 where it says:
"In all the congregations let the women keep silent, for it is not permitted for them to speak, but let them be in subjection, even as the Law says. It is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the congregation."

Let's see if we can arrange a marriage for you with that woman. She is a muslima.
by pamschel October 05, 2006
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When our age group was being drafted for military duty in the late '60s many if not most of our peers were able to evade the draft with college exemptions or psych exemptions or going to Canada. Many of them claimed they were too peaceful and loving to be able to become soldiers, but they typically dropped their hippy facade when the war was finally over. Those of us who did submit to the draft referred to these people as American Chickens, and we referred to the peace sign which many of them sported as The Track of the American Chicken. The Vietnamese communists were indeed sneaky killers and chances of being killed were high for draftees. These dirty gooks were determined to kill us for communism and they had heavy duty backing from Russian and Chinese commies so we really didn't blame the American Chickens for wanting to stay out of it.
Bob: You're about my age, Frank; so what did you do during the war to the death with international communism in the late '60s?
Frank: I was one of the American Chickens.
by pamschel September 22, 2010
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The coffee grinder is the portion of a female's anatomy, also known as the vagina, designed to accept and stimulate the husband's erect penis, so that later on a baby might come travelling down thisbirth canal.
I wouldn't use an internal pad in there my dear because plugging up the coffee grinder can result in toxic shock.
by pamschel March 18, 2006
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If one could consider the internet itself as being similar to a "cloud", in the way that it seemingly floats ubiquitously over everything and is not owned by anyone, cloud computing is using a cheap, rudimentary computer terminal as the only hardware you need in order to accomplish fully functional computing.
Man! Alhamdullilah that each one of us is finally able through cloud computing to stop being tied down to all that duplicative hardware!
by pamschel May 18, 2008
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A person so useless that nothing good ever comes out of them. In fact, the only thing that ever does come out of them is shit. The ass hole occupies the lowest spot in the totem pole of all the human body parts, except for penises of course when they are put where they don't belong by their ass hole owners such as into mouths and/or the assholes of themselves or others.
Let's avoid that person. She is an ass hole. She is similar to that well known sphincter muscle which is capable of only two actions, holding shit back or letting shit pass on through to the other side. ok?
by pamschel October 05, 2006
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