the art of shitting and taking a piss at the same time
Hey man my wife just double-timed, and now the house smells like shit and piss.
by quack1234567890 April 26, 2011
to do something no matter how long it takes to get it done
1. Me: it's 3:00 AM and i've a paper due tommorow! I've got to get double time on it or I will FAIL the whole semester!
by CowboyFunk September 9, 2005
What boy scouts say to girls that they grind with.
Catie and Jordan are grinding, a faster song comes on

Jordan says, "DOUBLE TIME."
by GENOVEVA May 31, 2007
A Style of Weight lifting, in which opposing muscle groups are worked back to back (also know as a super set) to decrease time spent lifting and increase intensity.
lets double time bench press and bicep curls I need to finish the workout up asap.

Im double timing this workout cause the game is on in one hour and I need to go.
by stanlifter December 13, 2017
When you like two people at the same time. It could be triple, quadruple, and so on depending on how many people you like. When you're being double-timed, it means someone you like, likes you and another person.
Maria: I'm being double-timed by Alex!

Ashley: What do you mean?

Maria: He likes me and Kellie!

Ashley: Oh, sorry.
by OmgPopx3 April 2, 2012
A new and innovative sexual position between two homosexual males. The male with the smaller genitalia will insert his penis (or barrel) into the other gay's penis, thereby arousing and pleasuring both partners.
"Let's get you home so we can have some crazy double barrel fun-time"

Gayboy#1: "I can't wait to shove my tiny pecker inside your huge willy"
Gayboy#2: "Double Barrel Funtime is super sexy fun, even for the person getting his boner penetrated!"
by clairedbanger May 5, 2009