1) Guy 1: "Hello good sir!"
Guy 2 "Why hanoi there!"
by arby220 December 25, 2011
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Hanoi or Ha Noi

Hanoi has been inhabited since at least 3000 BC. One of the first known permanent settlements is the “Co Loa Citadel” founded around 200 BC. Hanoi has many names such as “Thang Long”, “Dong Do”, “Dong Quan”, “Bac Thanh”, to name but a few. Now, Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) and Hanoi is a second to non melting pot in terms of education, science, culture and landscape of Vietnam. It is known dat Hanoi is very famous for its awesome and skilful handicraft products like silverware which is made in former Ngu Xa village, pottery in Bat Trang village, and the streets’ names were associated with those guilds made those products. Hanoi is very famous for Pho (a kind of traditional food), “Cha Ca” which is made in La Vong village, “Banh Cuon” which is made in Thanh Tri and “Com” (or “green sticky rice” which is wrapped in Lotus leaf) made in Vong village. Also, you can also eat snake dishes in Le Mat village. Hanoian accent is the standard one of Vietnam. Also, Hanoi is a city for Peace.
I was walking around the center of Hanoi heading towards the Old Quarter of town when I came across three Vietnamese ladies selling all sorts of local fruits. The funny thing was that they were seated almost in the middle of the road where motorbikes were seen moving from all directions passing.
by quan cao tien August 19, 2010
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1. capital of Vietnam

2. a person who is too deep into Vietnamese culture
A: "You are so HaNoi, man"

B: "What do you think about pho-tai-sach-bo-vien at the Pho-something restaurant lately? It got a bit more salty."

A: ".... god..."
by theFirstAlibaba February 16, 2008
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often when fucking latino biatches hard they will scream 'hanoy' haaa-nooooiii at the point of climax or shortly after the point of climax.
Hanoy - variations include han-nan-noy, na-na-na-noy and noooooooooooy

"oh fuck me with your big hairy cock... oh yeah its big han-nan-nan-nooooy"
by benny reado October 3, 2008
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Finnish rock/punk band. Founded early 80s. Many hits which still can hear on a radio (Tragedy, Million miles away, Taxi Driver)
I Listened Hanoi last night. They really rocks.
by Matti Ahola August 8, 2004
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The nickname for Jane Fonda when she visited Hanoi in the Vietnam war, pissing off Nixon and angering thousands of US troops in Vietnam at the time.
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Hand job received at an Asian massage parlor.
I could sure go for a Hanoi Handshake to relieve my stress.
by T-bone Jenkins July 15, 2008
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