I'm gonna start calling you gi gi girl if you don't wear some normal pantys soon!
by Candice August 2, 2003
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Abrivation for Government Issue, commonly used to refer to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.
by GI Bro June 14, 2004
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A nickname given to American soldiers during the second world war. GI stands for "Government Issue" which was printed all over the soldiers' equipment.
The GIs helped to defeat the Axis Powers during WWII.
by Kareem May 29, 2005
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Geographical Information System, means I can spend the whole day drawing maps and get paid for it!!!!! Also pronunciation wise (Jizz), can be quite rude.
by Sum of Sam August 11, 2003
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An adj. meaning very good and/or having good vibes
This new song you showed me is very gis.
by Ebbedebbe April 24, 2022
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Gay initiates
Hey what did the GI do this weekend?
The group of GI met at the coffee shop to discuss their parade.
by almtkm September 30, 2019
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