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(pronounced var-lay) is often seen headlining obituaries in Australia - and to a much lesser extent New Zealand - particularly in television and print media - and anyone that wants to sound a bit fancy.

It is intended to mean the same as in Latin: farewell. Exactly where this usage started is unclear but there has been acknowledged use in the early 2000's.

(pronounced vay-ell) used in England and Wales to describe a wide river valley, usually with a particularly wide flood plain or flat valley bottom.
"Vale Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II"

"Today we drove through the Vale of White Horse in Oxfordshire."
by onenemesis February 12, 2023
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A viral social media craze that was popularized in the Northern hemisphere summer of 2014. It's exact origins are uncertain, but it first grew to global prominence from the Northern United States.

The challenge dares the nominated participants to pour a bucket of iced water over their head within 24 hours.
Once the participant has completed the challenge, they may call out the names of other people that they wish to challenge.

Some variants of the dare require participants to donate money to charities such as the ALS Association (US) and MND Association (UK), with the donation required dependent on whether the dare was completed.

The viral challenge became a great fundraising success once celebrities began to take part - including Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.
I accept the Ice Bucket Challenge.
*pours iced water on head*
I nominate Stephen Fry, Mr T. and Chuck Norris.
by onenemesis August 20, 2014
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The star characters that gave the name to an internet animation released in 2004. The animation consisted of badgers, mushrooms, and snakes dancing, repeating their names over and over.
Badger, badger, badger etc.
by onenemesis May 14, 2005
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A trademark goal celebration by football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was first seen when celebrating scoring a goal for Real Madrid and has since become a trademark move even after moving to another club.
After scoring the goal Ronaldo ran, performed a mid-air pirouette, planted his feet and yelled a guttural "Siu!".

The spelling of the phrase is not widely agreed upon, but it equates to "Si" which means "Yes" in Portuguese.
The scream? The players know I always do that shout when I score a goal or when we win"

"It’s our shout, from Real Madrid."

-Ronaldo regarding "Siu" on Spanish TV station Cuatro after the 2014 Ballon d'Or ceremony.
by onenemesis January 22, 2022
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Literally, 'your mom' in the Danish language.
Hey Jimbo! I was with din mor last night. She said to say 'hi'.
by onenemesis October 20, 2006
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Hey Jimbo! I was with din mor last night. She said to say 'hi'.
by onenemesis July 9, 2013
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An internet animation released in 2004. Consisting of dancing badgers that say 'badger' over and over again.
Bader, badger, badger etc.
by onenemesis May 14, 2005
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