The dare is not a definition it is a proposition. THe Dare asks you, dares you, too post a picture of yourself for the definition of the word Dare that is as wild, wonderful, sexy, stupid, surprising, or daring as you can handle.
by Menchael June 21, 2005
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Game similar to truth or dare, however your only option is dare. If you don't like the original dare you can either pick chicken, alternative, or truth. Chicken is a lesser version of the original dare, alternative is something completely different, and truth is where you have to honestly answer a question.
Person 1: Hey lets play dare or dare
Person 2: No! I always get dared
Person 1: thats the point
by xXInVdRGrMXx July 4, 2008
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A very beautiful girl with a very nice personality she is super bipolar but she isn't fake if you ever met her you are lucky she is beautiful she is dum but funny she gets most of the guys she is super sexy and fine if you ever need a friend darelys is the right person to go to
Hey jack have you seen the new girl ?
Yes darelys she is fine .
She sexy her big BOTTY walking around the school hallways .
by Mariaagoon December 23, 2014
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Drug Abuse Resistance Education. An anti-drug program with a seriously flawed reputation, at times giving out misleading , inaccurate, or outright false information. Critics often point to the lack of any evidence that DARE actually affects drug use. Drug users (and kids in general) often ridicule the program.
I saw the DARE officer smoking in the parking lot.
by progamer124 December 14, 2004
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Famous lines from the Gorillaz' song DARE performed by Shaun Ryder. It later became legendary when Ryder butchered the lines during live performances of the song.
it's coming up, it's coming up, its coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, its coming up It's Dare!

by ramone-deginaro February 12, 2021
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the action to preform or do something on someone else will
person 1: i dare you to have an orgasm in class
person 2: for how much
person 1: nothing... just have an orgasm
person 2: ok
by AssLicker8497 May 27, 2019
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a program for kids in elementary school or in highschool that teaches how to stay above the influence and how to just say "No" to them.
DARE: also known as a waste of money really...because noone listens to it and the half the high schoolers do them already.
by himynameishuhnvm September 11, 2008
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