An immortal that will never die and will rule England forever. She is currently 94 but will probably live till 1000.
Queen Elizabeth II has been alive for so long, I don't think she will ever die.
by JamesCharlesBootyCheeks June 2, 2020
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She ran out of totems💀
“Dude did you hear Queen Elizabeth II died
by killingmyselfrn September 10, 2022
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The immortal monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain who is quite possibly a kitsune shapeshifter in disguise.
“Don’t you just admire Queen Elizabeth II?”

“I dunno. But I do know for a fact that she’s immortal.”
by Mochiberry September 13, 2020
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An immortal that has been here ever since Earth was created. Little do we know that she was created by Elon Musk as a diversion so Elon Musk could get away with creating Mark Zuckerberg, Grimes, and X Æ A-12. Queen Elizabeth took form of a young girl and every year she has to go through underground tunnels to get a new skin suit from her creator, Elon Musk. Also some random British child thinks she's hot...
"Queen Elizabeth II my beloved how do you stay so youthful?"
"*speaks in British*"
by Pedro's_Problems September 7, 2021
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