Someone who is overly prepared or overly keen for something. (Opposite of baller) For example, when camping, someone with too all the hiking gear. Another example is a middle aged cyclist with head to toe Lycra and hi-vis eyebrows.
Harry: Have you seen James maths set, he’s got a protractor, a compass and a really fancy calculator.
Benji: What a badger!
by Banter Clause December 23, 2018
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One Badger is equal to £7.50
It is the street price of one tab of scrote.
by I am Dave! Yognau(gh)t January 9, 2012
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Simple meaning bad banter
Ellie: *tells dead joke/anti-climactic story that lasts at least half an hour*
Everyone else: Bloody hell that was some serious badger Ellie
by Banton!x September 17, 2017
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A late developing, pre-pubescent child (usually male) who is amongst the last in his class to develop hair around the you-know-where. Neologism possibly derived from/confined to Worcestershire, England area.
"That Adam Lallana, can you believe he's still a badger?" - Schoolkid, right before aforementioned Lallana runs off to tell teacher, crying like a bitch.
by Purplehornet January 4, 2014
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Complete confusion about a certain situation.

Not in possession of one's mental faculties.
"Thank you for explaining but I'm completely badger."

After Sean's explanation, Lewis was badger and speechless.
by It's Coach Frank May 3, 2011
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Another word for a moustache. If reffered to as having a badger the person shouldn't be proud of it. People with badgers are usually teenage boys starting puberty, with that disgusting upper lip hair- which although they may be proud of- girls find it gross.
girl 1: yuck that guy has a badger
girl 2: gross, he has more hair on his upper lip than on his head, and it aint pretty.
Badger: Like my stache?
girls: bleughhhh
by eeeeeewwwww April 30, 2011
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A woodland creature that, while you sleep off a night of imbibing intoxcating spirits, will kick you in the stomach, spit on your face and rape the inside of your head


A general purpose noun (or verb) that can replace any similar word
Steve - Mate, you look awful - heavy night?
John - *Groan* Fucking badger got me


Steve - Could you pass me that badger?
Jonh - Badger it yourself
by B@tty December 24, 2008
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