Bader is a nice name I’ve had a lot of Bader’s in my life and they are all handsome , professional in everything , wins in every game usually , I love bader
by Unknown 57 May 9, 2019
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Bruv, you getting another round?! You must be a bader!
by Rossy D April 23, 2010
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is an Arabic name that's means full moon.. and its popular male name in a lot of middle eastern countries..
by Pedro Bo April 10, 2009
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King of all kings, Pro in everything, Usually Wins at everything, so handsome, he is so cool and he is a moon
I love Bader. Bader is such a pro.
by Unknown 57 May 8, 2019
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Bader is one of the amazing person you will ever meet, Bader is a sweet caring loving guy.
Bader likes to joke around and he is the best to be around. Bader is a gentleman

Bader is loyal and loving
Bader loves cuddling

A Bader would never want to hurt you and will always make you feel loved.

You would want to fall in love with Bader.
Wow he is amazing, must be a Bader
by Aurora lover November 24, 2021
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getting so high that your body starts twitching uncontrollably.
Cody: holy shit! did that guy just punch that girl in the face?
Ashton: yeah he did, WAIT hes having a bader moment!
Nick: wait I balled up with that kid! hes having another bader moment??
by itsjasonlol October 1, 2020
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A master of comebacks, tends to perform best during clutch moments and moments of distress
That guy was so Bader, he saved the game
by badermania November 16, 2014
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