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When your ankles are as small as your wrists.
Yo dawg, my wrists are as big as your ankles... they are more like wrankles!
by omaR April 21, 2005
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the best place in the entire world with hottie hottie hot hot omar
by omaR May 1, 2004
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Verbish. Telling someone how to say something or repeating what someone (the "you") has said.
If yousay,"Hi, how are you," it is a greeting. If yousay,"Goodbye," it means you are leaving.
by omaR September 29, 2003
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a tie with the 2nd coolest in the whole wide world
shes no izzy but shes right there with c saw so she must be a SAH hamster
by omaR May 1, 2004
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A person that is too average. (Wears khakis and polo shirts, doesn't talk much).
by omaR March 13, 2003
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To show extreme emotion in either happiness or shock. From the root word crazy with a "country grammar" accent.
Sometimes pronounced:"Coooazy!"
Yo Dwayne, that foo's got some twankies on his ride nig'.

Aah, fo sho, mayn dats' some cwazy shit.
by omaR March 31, 2004
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mean the same as, see you later, or a cross between, inabit" and laters" from the the context SnooP Dogg fizzle on ma nizzle inabizzle s'ok its all fo shizzle wizzle sizzle the D O duble Jizzle is HERE!
cya inabizzle bro. . .
by omaR February 4, 2005
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