45 definitions by omaR

Person who eats Flaming Hot flavored Cheetos (normally at work).
You are nothing but a flamingos!
by omaR September 29, 2003
Verbish. Telling someone how some male said something or repeating what that someone (the "he") has said.
When I went to visit, hesay,"Get out of my house!"
by omaR September 29, 2003
a person who is part of the gang called crips
what up cous you ready
by omaR October 10, 2004
To cook a rom is the process of modifing ones (Read Only Memory) of a Pocket PC device based on Windows CE operating system.
Cook your own ROM.
ROM Cooking.
by omaR January 30, 2005
How many shborgens an hour do you get paid to make those meatballs, Aya?
by omaR November 18, 2003
When your ankles are as small as your wrists.
Yo dawg, my wrists are as big as your ankles... they are more like wrankles!
by omaR April 21, 2005