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The funniest guy u will meet. He is super hot and the best boyfriend ever. He is usually found with a girl
Girl 1 :hey who is that cute guy over there

Girl 2 :that is Lauchlan you should ask him out
by Ms.pac man November 11, 2017
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relating to pabgaddo, lauchlan is the flesh of a flayed llama cooked slowly over 200 degree centigrade heated aluminum. It is largley sought after in many third world countries as a cure for the heebeejeebees.
Man that smelly guy in the trenchcoat is wierding me out, wanna go grab some lauchlan?
by Lauchlan May 25, 2008
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If you come in counter with a lauchlan make sure to stab him multiple times before he has a chance to make a bad insult

Always comment on how shity his new hair cut is
Wow look at lauchlan his hair is like a pool of grease
by No hard feelings June 05, 2018
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