The slang for twenty inch rims.From the ghetto root word twanky, which means twenty.
Damn foo',those twankies be of the chain, nigga'!
Dats a nice pair o' twankies youz gots der dawg.
by omar March 31, 2004
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rims that are 20" in diameter and look "tyte".
sononymous with twankie-twos or twankie-fo's
nigga...i roll up on mai twankiez
by Fat Pat November 04, 2002
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twenty inch rims, Rims that have a diameter of 20 inches
look at that lac on twankies, thats straight up pimp shit
by Molotovman September 09, 2006
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How black people say "twinkies", a fat person's favourite food.
"Yo gimme dem twankies!"

"You mean twinkies?"

"Dats wat I said."

"No, YOU said twankies."

"Same damn thing."
by TimKretschmer July 29, 2009
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Dont your bitchass owe me a twanky sack?
He came to the club rollin on twanky threes.
That will be twanky one dollars and 10 cents.
by Cody January 14, 2004
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simply refers the number twenty. like as in 20" rims, 20 dollars, 20 years..ect.
1)check him out, his sittin on twankies.
2)can you hook me up wit a twankie snack.
3)she's twankie foe.
by hightimesRgoodtimes February 28, 2004
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A person, often a middle-aged or older man, who dresses in such a way that they look like the character "Widow Twanky" in the pantomime "Aladdin".
"She's quite rough-looking."
"Yes, she is a bit of a twanky."
by Stewartspotter February 05, 2014
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