Derived from the saying "I'll see you in a bit" but obviously shortened for easy use. Obviously this word means exactly the same as "Good Bye"
I must go and water my ficus, inabit.
by redeye^ October 20, 2003
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what you would say if you don't want to do something or feel awkward answering a question. It's also used to greatly annoy. There are many spin-offs of "inabit" like: "Scrinabit", "Guysdadabit","studyabit", "inamonth", "inayear" and "inawhile".
Person at marcus's house: "Hey, Marcus can i check just one quick thing on your laptop?"

Marcus: "Inabit"
by BigAssBarrel January 20, 2009
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Inabit is a mixture of words strung together and is quite often used by chavs to intimidate or forcefully reject other people, if one chav says it to another, tempers often escalate and there is in most cases a fight over "Inabits". Its also a common threat to mean that the other person will see you later and bang you out. Basically its for people that think they are hard. But really are not, instead of shouting Inabit they would prefer to sit at home with their moms and watch soaps whilst knitting. Ok then. :S
"yeah Inabit mate!"

or most commonly just randomly shouted out loud.(In a deep rocky hard voice)

by EmmaxD August 11, 2008
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an ii inabit ii was some one who was originally seen in the notorious tlp mini's, an ii inabit ii is someone who is constantly flaming and constantly hopping from clan to clan, but yet after doing so STILL gets accepted, being a dick and a hopper of clans, mostly because the skill the person has at tanking with the notorious shark brew on runescape.
MM13th > lmfao that ii inabit ii app'd for mm
walli > lmfao that ii inabit ii app'd for foe too
Randomirctroll56 > an ii inabit ii just killed me in the wild for my stuffz! :'(
FiShot > yea that ii inabit ii just single handedly tanked 10 fatality and got away... he just wont die.
by lover of inabit December 6, 2009
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