a dance that started appearing in LA clubs, which was originally done by clowns (no lie!). it was popularized in the missy elliot video, "i'm really really hot."
by tre September 12, 2004
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"crazy humpin"

usually a dance move, and not a very good one.
look at that fool what's he doin?

he's crumpin.
by Leez August 8, 2005
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Expressing your blackness through out of control body movements, to much for a white person to handle
he wuz crumpin' so hard last night, all them crackas were staring
by Gavit January 7, 2010
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1) When your girlfriend or any other girl of interest including a potential bang or even your mother starts bitchin, complaining, nagging, or failing to know her role. In most cases, there is no reason for this act of crumpin and it usually comes out of nowhere.

2) Any annoyance or complaint that comes out of a female's dirty mouth.

3) An accumilation of bitching. Even if your best friend is complaining you can tell him, "Stop crumpin. You sound like my girlfirend."
Girlfriend: "Where are you. I thought we were supposed to eat lunch together today. Seriousy, I'm getting sick of this. Whaaa Whaaa Whaaa."

You: "Bitch...stop your fuckin crumpin'. I'm playin (insert your game of choice {ex: FIFA/Madden} here.) I'll see you later."
by Andrew and David November 21, 2007
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a very gay dance that clowns use to get sex
the clown was crumpin when he was bangin the girl
by stan April 18, 2005
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Don't be a crumper

Don't hate on somebody because of your jealousy
Yo, don't be crumping.

Why you crumping on me.

Don't crump me cuz you aint me.
by koomerang June 4, 2012
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(1).When you are crumpin you are in a very chilled out mood.
(2).You partying or dancing to hip-hop music like mad, ludacris and obserd.
(1).Guy On The Phone #1: Ayo N**ga what you doin? Guy On The Phone #2: Juss Crumpin!

(2).Oh Shizzle dogg, look at dat yegga over therr crumpin!
by Omar August 23, 2004
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