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1. Annoying and whining female.
2. Female Dog
1. That bitch had me up all last night
2. This bitch likes to suck on a bone then eat pedigree.
by omaR April 20, 2003

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The slang for twenty inch rims.From the ghetto root word twanky, which means twenty.
Damn foo',those twankies be of the chain, nigga'!
Dats a nice pair o' twankies youz gots der dawg.
by omar March 31, 2004

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1. Of the male of female variety - where the person in question leads on or teases someone sexually, but then does not partake in kissing/shagging etc.

2. literal meaning
girl bumpin&grindin all night long then just walking off
by Omar November 20, 2003

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The darkinning of car windows, to make it looks "wicked".
"Where'd you get that matchin Benz with them windows tinted?"
by omaR April 18, 2003

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mean the same as, see you later, or a cross between, inabit" and laters" from the the context SnooP Dogg fizzle on ma nizzle inabizzle s'ok its all fo shizzle wizzle sizzle the D O duble Jizzle is HERE!
cya inabizzle bro. . .
by omar February 04, 2005

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To show extreme emotion in either happiness or shock. From the root word crazy with a "country grammar" accent.
Sometimes pronounced:"Coooazy!"
Yo Dwayne, that foo's got some twankies on his ride nig'.

Aah, fo sho, mayn dats' some cwazy shit.
by omar March 31, 2004

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1. Usually reffered to cars. Getting your car fitted by various items under these catagories:-

2. An improvement.

3. To anger the police

4. pussy magnet
That car dont come out till next year, where the fuck did you get it. Thats £80,000 gone, where the hell did you spend it?!?!
by omaR April 18, 2003

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