12 definitions by nostalgia nikki

A Retosona is a person who always interrupts conversations, and is never apologetic. A Retosona is a very rude and cold-hearted person. They always bully and make fun of not only people, but animals, and things, even if they are flawless.
Girl 1- Omg Rose always interrupts me!

Girl 2- She is such a Retosona.
by nostalgia nikki May 22, 2017
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when your thick with three c's, you know you really got them curves.
boy 1- did you see Danielle in the hallway?
boy 2- yeah she is thiccc
by nostalgia nikki October 14, 2017
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1.) A code name for a bitch, slut, hoe, or worse. When you say to your best friend that you see a Lodea they immediately know who your talking about. Lodea's are terrible people.
2.) The absolute opposite of a bodea.
Girl 1- Eww look at that Lodea
Girl 2- What a hoe.
by nostalgia nikki May 26, 2017
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Nicole is a total hoe.
Nicole is dating 3 people
by nostalgia nikki May 20, 2017
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A girl or boy who forgot to moisturize before doing their makeup, and has patches and blotches of makeup all over his or her face. She is also referred to a pumpkin, if her foundation or concealer is too dark, and she or he ends up an orange color.
Look how Natalie did her makeup today. She is definitely a Patchy Pumpkin.
by nostalgia nikki May 26, 2017
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Marissa is an amazing person, who is never intimidated by others. Marissa always gets through situations with the help her friends. Not to add, but she is also a kind-hearted, smart, thoughtful, funny, gorgeous, and caring person.
Boy 1: Did you see that girl over there?

Boy 2: Yeah, she gorgeous, I can tell she's a Marissa.
by nostalgia nikki May 21, 2017
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