to provide a defense, usually written, for a belief, theory, or system. Erroneously linked solely to Christian theology.
Paul exhorted believers to be able to provide an apologetic (explanation) for the hope within them.
by David007 May 19, 2008
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The attempt to rationalize every single thing the Bible says, no matter how genocidal, homicidal, sexist, racist, or totally fucking ridiculous those things might be.
My apologetics class taught me all about how Moses's slaughter of the Amalekites was justified. I'm ready to teach Sunday School classes now.
by Expat227 December 31, 2008
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A branch of Christian theology devoted to the study and defense of the holy origins of scripture, as well as the divinely ordained authority of the Church alone to interpret it. To fail apologetics is a sign of intelligence.
My "F" in freshman Apologetics eventually led me to drop out of semenary and enroll in an Ivy league University.
by nethcev! November 21, 2005
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Groups of bigoted religious zealots whose primary goal is to label the religions of others as, cults.
I looked at some Apologetics' web sites and every one of them was calling some other religion, if not several religions, a cult. If they really were cults, the Apologetics wouldn't have had to make such crap about them.
by Downstrike November 23, 2005
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Originally from Kuroko No Basuke; a person who blames themselves for everything, and constantly apologises for their existence.
Hannah: *picks up phone* Hello?
Peter: Hannah, I'm sorry I'm such a loser! Please can we get back together! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me I'm so sorry!
Hannah: I wouldn't have broken up with you if you weren't such an apologetic mushroom!
Peter: I'm sorry!
by ThemorriganXIII April 06, 2018
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A person who is terrible at standing their ground when acting like a bitch. They lack the ability to own their attitude if it's too mean, unkind, or bitchy. It's regretful for them.
She can never stand her ground when she puts her foot down in frustration... she's an apologetic bitch.
by BefallenWisdom December 11, 2019
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