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when your thick with three c's, you know you really got them curves.
boy 1- did you see Danielle in the hallway?
boy 2- yeah she is thiccc
by xnikkix October 15, 2017
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Thick with β€œccc” basically means you’re looking thick but in all the right places. It is putting a positive connotation of being a little bit over weight.
Kylie Jenner is lookin real thiccc yaaas😻
by euphoria423 February 12, 2018
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pronounced "tick". referring to a usually black female who's curve resemble one of an hour glass plus even more booty than a regular hoe. most often found with a pair of THICCC ass thighs
*In hood nigga voice* Damn mami you thiccc as fuck
by A real nigga made this November 14, 2016
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having curves
Person 1: "Who's that girl with that thiccc ass?"
Person 2: "Definitely not Jane!"
by NOTTHICCCC June 11, 2018
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