a person of lesser social standing, must do things for you. Replaces low value by helping out. Usually cannot get laid.
"Man you need to fire the help, vargas has seriously been slacking!"
by Skank! October 4, 2007
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A term that naive hoity toity white bread yuppies that had silver spoons in their mouth (Born with rich parents) use to describe anyone that actually has to work and make their own living such as waitresses, maids, anything in the service industry, etc... It's meant to be a condescending insult toward them behind their back, but actually only insults the person saying it, because they are just affirming that the only reason they have what they have is because it was handed to them and they never had to even worry about making their own living. The people that use this term usually boast an intelligence level of about equal to a box of hammers. See: Paris Hilton
Two yuppies in an office having a conversation about spilled coffee...

Girl 1: Ugh, I just spilled my coffee...(probably from starbux)
Girl 2: Hunny, just the help clean it up (sneering laugh, and in a condescending tone)
by Jack Bell III January 3, 2008
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i have been trapped in urban dictionary
i am running out of fresh water and i will most likely be dead by morning
send help asap

on the bright side im learning some new words
help this isnt a joke
by PintoBean2003 March 3, 2020
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if you looked this up, you've probably already seen the top definition from PintoBean2003. Why does everyone think he's joking? we have to help him he's not joking. Have we heard from him recently? Is he even still alive? Or are the secret overlords of the urban dictionary silencing us. If so, why? If you're voting, let this word in, please. And if you see it in the dictionary, the overlords must have overlooked this. We gotta help him
by General-Kenobi July 20, 2020
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When a user of TikTok finds something funny or disturbing .
"help why did he dance like that"
by eminemstan1000 February 21, 2022
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