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A term in new york commonly known in the rest of the country as a pizza.
"what are we going to have for dinner?"
---"Lets jus get a pie"
by none March 13, 2005
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a plastic suitcase, a turd, or a guys thing.
Andrew Leeds has no zingo.
by none May 31, 2003
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the female vagina, pussy
That guy is teriffic at eating cake!
by none April 14, 2005
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A store that sells only fruits and vegtables.
I went to the storange and bout a head of lettuce.
by none March 29, 2005
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A synonym for Awesome, or Cool

But unlike those words, Shibby can only be found at the end of a sentence by itself, or by itself.

Only used by stoners, and used in any other context, person would be considered a loser.
"I got laid, shibby."

"I got laid."
by none November 16, 2003
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Anything north of the Tappan Zee Bridge
I live in Orange County, just 90 minutes from the city.
No, not really 'upstate'...
by None November 11, 2003
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1.Wanting to be a govonator
I just want to govarn!
by None November 19, 2003
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