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sex is like math: you add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and pray you dont multiply!
Dude 1: I looooooove math!
Dude 2: No shit so do I dude!

Math geek 1 (wispers to another math geek): I thought they hated math...their always complaining about the homework...
Other math geek: (nods in agreement)We're the real math lovers.
by none March 27, 2005

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an upper persuasion for lower INVASION
kkkkkkk iiiiiii ssssss
by none March 19, 2005

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One who is given anything and everything they want.
Mom: "Happy Birthday Emma"
Spoiled Kid: "What! How many presents are there?
Mom: "25........"
Spoiled Kid: "I want 50 bitch!"
Mom: Yes princess, anything you say"
Spoiled Kids: "That's right woman, and while your at it, I want my fuckin allowence to be at 500 instead of 400
by none October 12, 2003

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Cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is "it". Beyond all trends and conventional coolness. Not to be mistaken for "deck".
"Stay away from the tacky velvet-rope MTV frat-boy clubs on the beach. Check out this party downtown instead, it's gonna be hip."
by None November 15, 2003

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A term of great endearment and affection, used to describe in one word all the feelings of warmth, comfort, kindness, generosity, honesty and strength of character you feel everytime you are with that person.

A word not to be used lightly, but one that expresses great respect and admiration for those to whom it is directed.
'Trancey is a poppet'
by none October 01, 2004

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an acient typing device your parents used after walking home from school through ten-foot snow drifts uphill both ways
Hey Karen! Look at this new typewriter i got! it even has automatic return!
by none January 15, 2004

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Daughter Fucker
saale betichod, kya kar raha ahi?
by none June 24, 2003

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