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old whimpy war cry, still in use cause it's easy to whine and/or scream

Sir Thomas, one who does community service, but only enough to get a blue badge; worth his weight in toilet paper; can make lan cables appear out of thin air.
when he crashed the school server, everyone screamed out Teeeeeeeeeeeeeep's name when they passed him in the halls.
by none January 23, 2005
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A hot blonde, blue eyed , white girl
Looks like a hoe but isn't
Or used like a Nickname
That girl, Snowflake, is a dick tease
by none November 5, 2003
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Ohhhhhh my family jewels.
by none March 6, 2004
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a practice in which hackers draw a symbol in chalk on a wall or pavement to indicate the presence of a wireless networking node.
by none September 9, 2002
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one of the best fuckin bands ever!
dude, did you get your garmonbozia LP?
by none April 25, 2005
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Thing to get high on but disguised as medicine for asthmatics...
Dude, hook me up with some albuterol!!!
by none February 15, 2005
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A member of the THPS/THUG Online community that thinks he is superior to his peers and is not liked by many. His shipyard nm wasnt anything special, but don't tell him that. He also gained a big ego when he joined the jh00 clan, which consists of inactive members. Also has trouble keeping a girlfriend and/or a steady relationship and also is not very good looking.
ProSkater: Hi smallz
.jh00.smallz: Shutup i own you
by none December 8, 2003
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