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A girl who is odd and energetic and seems original on the out side yet is unsure about life on the many girls
They loved how Tiia didn't go after fads but wondered if it was a cover.
by None February 13, 2005
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Smart, pretty AND funny. Tends to sometimes be too smart for her own good, though. (aka wiseass)
That Tiia is like wine, gets better with age.
by Vitaline October 26, 2010
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A Tiia ussaly has a Finnish background with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes! A Tiia is supper hot beautiful and sexy you can tell her this but she will never believe you! A Tiia always thinks less of herself then what she really is! She’s eccentric likes great music best taste in movies, and is just fun to be around with all the time. She’s supper cute and says the sweetest things! But don’t be deceived, she’s an absolute tiger in bed! She’s the most amazing loyal selfless kind person ever! With a rocking hot body and gorgeous looks! If you ever meet a Tiia don’t ever let her go! Tiia will always be unsure of who she likes and often talks herself out of guys when she’s unsure but when she finds the one she knows there the one! Don’t break her heart it’ll be your worst decision and it’ll make her so sad! Tiia is the best girl to date be around or just have a conversation with always talking about you rather then herself!

Definitely pick Tiia over any girl
Bro: I left Tiia for a Skanky girl, wtf have I done, that was the worst decision iv ever made! Do you think I could get her back?

Sis: no way Tiia is gonna be so sad, she knew you were the one until now! , you won’t get her back though the next guy is probably already hitting her up now!
by My name Jeff16 September 02, 2018
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The Sexiest thing to ever walk the face of the earth. The most amazing brilliant girl in the world, who is also drop to the floor sexy!!!! Ghettoness to the max!! She'll scratch your eyes out so whatchout.Sexy Mother fucker ,Likes to suck, pretty fun loving girl. She is loved by all her friends, and hated by others because they are jealous. She is original and she's got spunk!amazing lover, funny, intense, sexy, loving, passionate, caring, generous, sweet, yummy,The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has piercing eyes and a smile to match them.An outstanding lover; A girl who can get down and do the nasty with excellence.The girl who is on my mind all of the time.She's good in the sack.The girl who likes to sometimes take things slow but deep down she knows she's gorgeous and cant wait for you to get into her pants. A girl who party's all the time and gets wasted every time, (good time to take advantage of her).Someone who is amazingly hot who makes your heart skip a beat. Everyone druels over them.Hands down the most beautiful girl in the world.
Tiia is Drop dead sexy , "cant wait to get into her pants"
by yourmomisgay5678 October 14, 2011
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