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part of bromanculture, vocabulary spoken from one bro to another, with emphasis on bronunciation.
An emphasis should be put on expanding one's brocabulary at every opportunity.

Bro-ing Out - Akin to a bro's version of "Girls Night Out", but with less kissing and boob-grabbing.

Brode - Bro Code. "If bro_#1 wants to date bro_#2's ex, he is obligated to ask. Bro_#2 is then in turn obligated to say Yes."

Bromosexual - A bro that is also a chick, and therefore bang-able.

Broner - Over-excitement for any bro-ing out activity. "Eddie popped a total broner when Jimmy rented out the Laser-tag pavillion..."

Bronoculars - A safety devise used to counteract another Bro's Beer Goggles. "If it weren't for my bronoculars, Harry would have rumped a total ugmo!"

The P-L-Bro - A group of bros occupying the same brocation as your brommunity.

Quid Pro Bro - A more or less equal exchange of goods or services between bros. "You can borrow my bike, but I get to tag your sister, Jenny."

Brophylactic - An agent, device, or measure that protects a bro from unwanted contact. "Don't be a ding-dong, cover your schling-schlong."
by E Cajones (_i_) April 30, 2007
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The type of language a male, generally from 16-30, would use around other male friends of similar values as opposed to when in a formal setting or around older adults.
Jon used his brocabulary when around his friends, but around his ultra-conservative parents, he refrained from cuss words and inappropriate subjects.
by coogsfortierone October 13, 2009
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Stupid things that bros say.
Their own personal "vocabulary"

Sesh-- a makeout "seshion"
Rail-- have sex with
Beat-- ugly
Shmammered-- really drunk
Here's some bro-cabulary i action:

-Hey bro.
-Oh hey BRAD. Dude you were soooo shmammered last night!
-I knoooww!! i totally seshed that beat girl, Tracey.
-Bro... You railed her.
by Robyn Robyn December 22, 2007
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The collection of words "bros" use to communicate. Many of these are normal words (and sometimes names) that just have the bro force into them, such as brocrastinating. (procrastinating). They'll also incorperate things bros love, (such as polos, or Natty Ice. i.e. Fratty Ice.
Bro, you gotta expand your brocabulary.
by Brewster Rooster August 24, 2010
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A set of terms used to communicate effectively in a surrounding with primarily bro's. These words can be dubbed a part of official brocabulary simply by adding a "bro" on the front of any given word (see "brointro"). These words can commonly be misconstrued, EX: when a bro attempts to create a brocab word that is completely out of nowhere and nonsensical (see "brogus")

Bro1: "yo bro, the stuff that guy at the frat party last night said was so brogus. no one knew what the hell he was talking about.

Bro2: "i know bro, he needs to brush up on his brocabulary for sure"
by Sweet T-J January 22, 2009
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The process of turning normal "oh" sounding words such as the words "spoken", "photography", "joke", etc. and putting a BRO in replace of the original vowel.
Dude #1 - "Hey man, I think I spotted Osama Binladen in that cave!"

Dude #2 - "Nah dude, that was BROsama Binladen.

Dude #1 - "Oh okay, but I asked him if he wanted some BROtato chips and he declined."

Dude #2 - "You're so BROmosexual, man.

Dude #1 - "I hate when you use Brocabulary on me..."
by JokingBROking August 23, 2010
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